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What would you do if you found £1.2 million in a Devonshire river?
Maggie Malloy was a shy and predictable young woman, who found herself one day at a crossroads. The cruel death of a dear friend had left Maggie saddened, depressed and angry. But during a long walk along a Devonshire river, Maggie makes an amazing discovery. Life had just bestowed upon Maggie an appealing opportunity, albeit illegal.

Discovering a case full of money in the river, Maggie makes a life-changing decision – she keeps it. Maggie hatches a plan, and with the help of her four endearing friends; Morwenna, Anaya, Chloe, and Julie she sets her plan in motion by giving the money away to the people of Friars Meadow, a town she has lived in all her life, and to restore it to its past glory. Maggie’s life-changing decision will start the five women on a journey of enlightenment, charity, and danger.

How do we communicate with aliens?

War breaks out in a distant galaxy forcing a spaceship from an ancient alien civilisation, Lamatra, to flee for their lives.

With minimal supplies and a precious young cargo of child refugees, Captain Lathaniel Labarok guides his mighty spaceship, the Zephyrus, through space in search of a place to hide and wait out the war. With supplies critically low, they discover a habitable planet in a new, previously undiscovered galaxy – planet Earth.

Desperate, unable to go home, unable to go further into space, Earth is their last hope.

Back on Earth, Charlie Featherstone, a brilliant, star-struck astronomer at the Tidbinbilla Observatory, makes the discovery of a lifetime when he finds the Lamatrian’s spaceship. Charlie realises the dream of all astronomers – that we are not alone in the universe.

With humans and aliens studying each other, Charlie risks everything and makes contact. But not everyone is delighted at Charlie’s discovery. Will the Lamatrians be accepted, or will disaster prevail? Who can trust who?

”It was very refreshing to have glimpses of the future for most of the characters as the book progressed…a different approach and appreciated. Always very satisfying when good triumphs over evil, as it does in this book.”