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A River of Fortune

“Exciting read! Unique plot. Interesting, well developed characters! Keeps you engaged until the very end!
You’ll not regret reading this tale!”

– Anonymous

“It took a while to get into this book but well worth the time… Brilliant, funny, interesting but all the characters are marvelous. The author knows about people and this makes the book entertaining. Well done!”

– Anonymous

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent story with unique twists.

“I enjoyed this novel so much. Although it is based upon crime it is positively happy and fun. I recommend it.”

– Peggy 

5.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyed the format of this story

“It was very refreshing to have glimpses of the future for most of the characters as the book progressed…a different approach and appreciated. Always very satisfying when good triumphs over evil, as it does in this book.”

– Teagen

“It was amazing!”

1. Soft writing
2. Interesting concept
3. Love story in between
4. Well placed characters

– Vivek Nagar

‘An enthralling, action packed novel, where a series of accidental events turns one woman’s life from ordinary to extraordinary. A FINALIST and highly recommended.’

The Interlopers

‘An outstanding and believable science fiction story, beautifully written by Welch‘. A GOLD WINNER and highly recommended.’