Paula Welch

A Goode Inheritance

Bartholomew Goode received a nasty shock when faced with imminent death…

He took stock of his life and assets and wanted to part with neither. But after weighing up his choice of beneficiaries, Bart realised no-one was worthy of his estate.

As luck would have it, Bart received a reprieve from death, unbeknownst to his family.

During his recuperation, he concocted a mischievous game, one in which his whole family would have to participate in order to inherit his fortune.

Feigning his own death, his family pitted themselves off one against the other in a series of three challenges. Whoever solved the final clue first, would win his inheritance. Or so they thought.

Bart neither trusted nor respected his family. His bitter resentment had grown from childhood. This postulation proved to be true, when upon completion of the final clue, Bart is discovered dead in his library. Stabbed through the heart.

With many suspects and hidden secrets to be uncovered, Chief Inspector Sofia Faraday and her homicide team delve into the Goode family’s lives in order to find Bart’s killer. Her investigation will eventually lead her to a thirty-year-old crime.

During the Inspector’s investigation, she uncovers many twists and turns lurking behind old secrets and betrayals.

By the end of her investigation, the Inspector will uncover more than one murderer?


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